Video | Why Public Allies? Episode 7

Nelly Nieblas, Los Angeles Ally ’05

Director of Public Policy and External Relations

In this video, Nelly Nieblas talks about her route to Public Allies Los Angeles, to Harvard, to Washington, back to L.A., and finally back to D.C. as the newest member of the Public Allies National Staff. There’s lots more to her story than we could fit in a two-minute video, but we have a feeling you’ll see her here again.


Why it’s a great idea to host an Ally

We recently collected video interviews from Public Allies sites around the country (there are currently 18 of them). Using a Flip video camera, Public Allies staff collected stories about our organization. This video contains a sampling of comments from people who supervise Public Allies at their nonprofit organizations. By watching it, you’ll get an idea of the many different roles Allies fill and the impact they have. We figured it would be a nice post to start your week, because everyone in it is happy (to have an Ally). Enjoy!

You can find details about hosting an Ally on our official website. Most sites are still accepting applications for the 2010-11 year.

Video | Why Public Allies? Episode 4

Hanaan Joplin, Chicago Ally ’10

Yet another in our series of videos asking Allies, Alumni and others: “So, what’s the point of being an Ally?” In this video, Hanaan Joplin talks about his placement at The Cara Program (also featured in Episode 3, starring his colleague Megan). Hanaan reflects on ways in which the Ally experience has challenged him to step outside his comfort zone. And, he treats us to a sampling of his rapping skills.

Why Public Allies? Episode 5

Raj Shukla, Milwaukee Ally ’03

Here’s Episode 5 in our series, which asks a variety of people to explain the value of Public Allies from their point of view. In this post Raj Shukla talks about risk-taking, community impact, and his efforts to change energy-use habits. He is the founder of a marketing firm called Brightbend and lives in Madison, Wisc. We interviewed him in March in Washington, D.C., where he took part in a gathering of Public Ally Alumni entrepreneurs.

(And yes, we know we are posting this series out of order, but unlike “Lost” you can watch any episode without losing the thread.)

Why PA? w/Megan McGee, Milwaukee Alumna

Milwaukee Alum, Megan McGee, checks in to share how her Ally experience inspired her to start Ex Fabula, a storytelling performance collective.

Why PA? Check out the Training Curriculum

Pawan Bhardwaj is the Director of Training and Learning at Public Allies Chicago, and he talks about the leadership development training, as well as what types of indivuals excel in the Program.

Why Public Allies? w/Jack Stucker, 2nd Year Ally, Delaware

Jack Stucker is a 2nd Year Ally at Public Allies Delaware.  Watch him sketch out why he did Public Allies.

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