Videos | Why does the new Super-Hero look so familiar?

The latest two videos in our series “Adventures of Public Allies Super-Heroes” introduce us to the final Hero on the team: MacAsset. Observant readers of this blog might recognize him as my co-blogger here at Allies2010, MacArthur Antigua. Mac’s the director of Recruitment and Expansion, so lots of folks who apply to Public Allies know his name. As a Super-Hero, however, he represents the Public Allies Super-Power of Asset-Based Solutions. Mac is one of my colleagues at the Public Allies National Office, but we work in two different cities (he’s in Minneapolis-St. Paul, I’m in Milwaukee; we compare notes about snowfall records). That’s why you’re seeing him via web chat.

By the way, Mac is out of town right now, attending the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in New York City. He’s working hard to get the word out about Public Allies. You can expect to read about the conference in future blog posts.


Video | Fun with Super-Heroes

My fellow blogger Mac and I have been a little off schedule with our postings the last two weeks. The holiday, application deadlines, and vacation days have all had something to do with it, but one of us has also been busy with a June Facebook Causes campaign. (You may remember a mysterious posting about this two weeks ago.)

Captain Collaboration

We’ve chosen a super-heroes theme for the campaign, in part because the super/action hero thing is kind of a hot right now (Iron Man 2Prince of Persia and, yes, I’d even count MacGruber). It’s also really easy to spoof the genre and you can put together a pretty good super-hero costume on the cheap.

We also liked the idea of underscoring Public Allies’ five core values by creating a super-hero around each one. So expect to meet masked men and women who represent the “super-powers” of  collaboration, continuous learning, diversity/inclusion, focus on assets, and integrity. We’ve been having fun camping it up. Here are episodes 1 and 2. Unless the reviews by our Allies2010 readers demand otherwise, we’ll keep posting each episode for your fun and amusement.

The Adventures of Public Allies Super-Heroes, Episode 1 (introducing Captain Collaboration)

The Adventures of Public Allies Super-Heroes, Episode 2 (introducing Integrity Man)

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