On the Verge | Tascheena Kimberley Umanah, Arizona

During the short history of this blog, we’ve featured Allies, staff and Alumni.  However, today we’ve got another installment of On The Verge, featuring applicants who are on the verge of becoming Allies for 2010.  Our next profile is Tascheena Kimberley Umanah, who we met by her comments on this very blog, on the debut segment of OTV. We interviewed Tascheena via e-mail to learn about where she’s at with the process of applying to Public Allies Arizona.  Tascheena’s responses are in BOLD.

How did you first hear about Public Allies?

I first heard of Public Allies through the community service listserv that I had been receiving from, my Read the rest of this entry »


Video | The Five Values of Public Allies, Arizona Style

We may have to dub Arizona “Hollywood East.”  Ally Michael Soto produced this 4 minute video of the Allies talking about how they’ve practiced the Values of Public Allies this past year.

Video | What are Allies getting done?

Earlier this year, 10 of the Public Allies communities took part in a “Fill-a-Flip Blitz.” Each used a company-issued Flip camera to videotape stories about what was going on around Ally Nation.

We’ve receieved Flip material from six of the 10 participating communities so far. It has been my job to log all the material and turn it into edited videos, and I gotta say it’s easy to feel like an underachiever as I listen to these interviews — with Allies, Alumni, staff, and the people who are working with Allies in their placements. There are so many passionate, capable people doing and supporting Public Allies work.

Anyhoo, some of the videos you have seen and will see on this blog come from the Fill-a-Flip project, and here’s one more. I spliced together snippets of interviews with 16 Allies as they described the work they are doing in their placements. The interviews come from Arizona, Chicago, Maryland, New York and North Carolina and were conducted in April. The Allies you’ll meet here are at or near the end of their placements now, and getting ready for Presentations of Learning (PublicAllySpeak for year-end reports) and graduation. Give ’em props for all they’ve accomplished! Their names, in order of appearance, with their Ally communities …

Ashley Brown, North Carolina; George Morse, North Carolina; Ben Garcia-Spitz, Chicago; Megan Anderson, Chicago (you may recall her from an earlier post); Ella Nguyen, North Carolina; Brandon Johnson, Arizona; Yasmeen Nanwalala, Chicago; Eduardo Cordon, Chicago; Tarnasia Lundy, New York; Kelsey Addy, Maryland; Robert Wheatfall, Chicago; Robbie Flick, Maryland (with his boss); Bola Odejayi, Maryland; Akil Meade, Maryland; Raquel Rodriguez, Maryland (with one of her mentees); and John “JD” VanSlyke, Chicago.

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