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Macarthur Antigua is the Director of National Recruitment and Expansion at Public Allies.  Prior to joining the national team in Fall 2008, he was an Ally (’97) and Program Director for Public Allies Chicago (’99 – ’03).  When he wasn’t working at Public Allies, he had his own coaching/consultation business, Massive Creativity, which cultivated the artistry and genius of social entrepreneurs, changemakers and their organizations.  While he resides in St. Paul, MN, he passionately roots for his Chicago Cubs, Bulls, Bears, ‘Hawks and Fire, and alma mater Northwestern University Wildcats.  Feel free to hit him up at macarthura@publicallies.org.

Diane M. Bacha is Director of Communications and Marketing at Public Allies. She spent most of her career as a newspaper journalist before making the leap to the nonprofit world, although some might argue that there’s really no difference. She lives in Milwaukee, is a New Jersey native, and roots for the Red Sox, the Buffalo Bills, and pretty much any team from Wisconsin. That said, on a typical weekend it’s probably easier to find her at a museum or gallery than at a sports arena or stadium. You can reach her at dianeb@publicallies.org or 414.273.0533 x22.

Want to see your face on this page? We’d love some company! If you’d like to contribute to the conversation about the Public Allies experience, new leadership, asset-based community building, nonprofit careers, or other similar topics, let us know! Contact either Mac or Diane. And thanks for reading Allies2010.


4 Responses to “Our bloggers”

  1. Durand Ross Says:

    I would love to work for a non-profit. But i am over thirty with a BA college education. Do you have any programs that i could apply for?

    • macarthura Says:

      Hi Durand. You’re welcome to apply to Public Allies — our only requirements are you be at least 17, have a GED/HS Diploma, be a U.S. Citizen/Permanent Resident Alien, and have not served two previous AmeriCorps terms.

      Outside of Public Allies, I recommend you check out The New Service. It’s run by idealist.org, and encompasses all of the service opps — domestic and international.

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