Tips for Ally Application Newbies

You've made the first step!

Welcome! We are glad you’ve gotten this far. You are embarking on a journey that could change your life forever. Own it.  Here are few notes to consider as you’re completing the Ally Application.

  1. Fill out the application completely. Be authentic and present information about yourself that is memorable.
  2. Click ‘Submit’ when you have completed all the sections and are happy with the application.
  3. Check back on the Resume/References page to make sure your recommendations have been sent in. Resend if needed.
  4. Be aware of site deadlines.
  5. Read the blog posts, such as the “FAQ” Series, to get a better idea of how to maximize your chances of advancing through the process.
  6. Contact your “Primary” site’s Recruitment Director if you have questions. Their contact information can be found at
  7. If you encounter technical problems, call Mac. His number is 414.460.1156.  He’ll assemble his elite team of hackers to make sure the application is working right for you.

Again, thanks again for your interest.  We invite you to look around the Allies2010 Blog to learn more about the Apprenticeship Program– our sites, our staff, our Allies, our Partner nonprofit Organizations and our Alumni.

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