10 Months…

Just put together our congratulations video for over 500 Allies that are completing their Apprenticeship. For those who are curious about what happens during a term, these 45 seconds do a pretty good job of capturing it.  Congrats again to our Class of 2012, our newest batch of Alumni!


LA Story: New Ally-written blog from the West Coast.

If you want the inside on what it’s like to be an Ally in Los Angeles, check out Power, Privilege, Allies written by 2010-11 class of  Public Allies Los Angeles.  Personally, I love a blog that has a tag titled “Trust The Process.”

Video | Why Public Allies? Episode 7

Nelly Nieblas, Los Angeles Ally ’05

Director of Public Policy and External Relations

In this video, Nelly Nieblas talks about her route to Public Allies Los Angeles, to Harvard, to Washington, back to L.A., and finally back to D.C. as the newest member of the Public Allies National Staff. There’s lots more to her story than we could fit in a two-minute video, but we have a feeling you’ll see her here again.

Catching Up With…Tafarai Bayne, Los Angeles

Each week we catch up with an Ally or Staff Alum to see what life is like on “the other side” of the Apprenticeship.  This week, we catch up with Tafarai Bayne, PA Los Angeles Ally AND Staff Alumnus.  We recently caught up with him on facebook chat.

MacArthur:  Where were you an Ally or Staffer, and how long were you there?

Tafarai:  I was an Ally (at Public Allies Los Angeles) at Strategic Actions for a Just Economy.  I was on staff (at Public Allies Los Angeles) for about 4 years, and I currently sit on the board of directors.

MacArthur: Think back to when you were staff, what Ally had the biggest impact on you, and why?

Tafarai: I think personally it was a young man named Michael Agyin. He was the first LA Ally at least who was hearing impaired. We had to make alot of adjustments as a program and I had to really push myself.  It was already a learning process for me to just coach, but to coach a deaf ally was a whole ‘nother thing.  I had to constantly be on my toes. There were times where we conducted whole sessions with a pen and paper and didn’t speak a word…

MacArthur:   Wow.

Tafarai:   It really was a trip because I became so aware of language and communication and it’s impact on a person and a community —  how comfortable we get and how we always have to be open to the challenge of clarity.

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FAQ: May Ally Application Deadline Update

Milwaukee is no longer accepting Ally applications.

Delaware is only accepting Ally applications for its Summer Alternates List.  If you submit an application for Delaware, then you will only be considered if they still have openings after their summer Matching Fair.  For more info, e-mail PA Delaware.

Cincinnati has extended its Ally Application deadline to May 31, 2010.

May’s Ally Deadlines:

  • May 15, 2010.  New York, Los Angeles
  • May 17, 2010.  Chicago, Silicon Valley, San Francisco
  • May 26, 2010.  North Carolina
  • May 28, 2010.  Arizona
  • May 31, 2010.  Cincinnati, San Antonio

You should expect a decision on your application usually within 2 weeks of the site’s Ally Application deadline.

Hit the Links!

On the weekends, we round up some links on leadership, nonprofits, pop culture, and the intersections in between.

This week’s featured link:  PA Los Angeles’ Ashley Smith knows the Team Service Project (TSP) experience, as she’s done it twice — as a first-year Ally, and now as a TSP Coach as a second-year Ally.  Check out her latest blog update, where she reflects on the TSP Coaching experience.  (True Life)

After the jump, s’more links…

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Ally Voices: PA Los Angeles’ Ashley Smith

If you want to read a terrific blog about the Public Allies experience, let me direct you PA Los Angeles’ Ashley Smith’s True Life: I’m a Second Year Ally. Read the rest of this entry »

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