10 Months…

Just put together our congratulations video for over 500 Allies that are completing their Apprenticeship. For those who are curious about what happens during a term, these 45 seconds do a pretty good job of capturing it.  Congrats again to our Class of 2012, our newest batch of Alumni!


Presentations of Learning: An introduction.


[Above:  Andrew Nimmer talking about his 12 months of growth and learning while in the Public Allies Teaching Fellowship Program at Eagle Rock.]

One of the leadership practices in our training and learning program is the Presentation of Learning (or “POL”) .  Eagle Rock defines this practice as such:

Three times a year, at the end of every trimester, all students at Eagle Rock give Presentations of Learning (POLs). These are not about getting credit in courses; students either have or have not documented learning Read the rest of this entry »

What’s Next, Andrew Nimmer?


His favorite snapshot from his term: Andrew (left) and his fellow Teaching Fellow Benjamin building shoe racks at the wood shop on Eagle Rock's campus.

Who’s next?  Andrew Zimmer, Public Allies Eagle Rock is next!  This is the second in a series of quick e-mail interviews with graduating 2011 Allies, who share with us…well, what’s next for them after graduation. 

So, Andrew…What’s Next?

Read the rest of this entry »

Opening | Eagle Rock Teaching Fellowship

We haven’t talked much about the Public Allies Fellowship at Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center here on the blog. That’s mainly because they did the bulk of their selection before this blog was even born.

The Eagle Rock Fellowship is different from the Ally Apprenticeship experience, as it’s geared towards those Read the rest of this entry »

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