10 Months…

Just put together our congratulations video for over 500 Allies that are completing their Apprenticeship. For those who are curious about what happens during a term, these 45 seconds do a pretty good job of capturing it.  Congrats again to our Class of 2012, our newest batch of Alumni!


Tweet #allies2013!

I've assembled the finest group of current Allies to answer your questions....

For those of you who want to get real-time responses to questions about  the Ally experience, we’ve been asking you to tweet to #allies2013.   Now, we’ve got more eyes paying attention to that feed besides our Director of National Recruitment, we’ve added a roster of Allies who will also respond to that hashtag:

PA Connecticut
Isabelle M. Delgado*

PA Maryland
PA Central Florida
PA Chicago

Ceci Benitez @Soccergirl1023
Michael Matsey* @shadow_sphere
Kaleena Marquez*

Feel free to tweet them individually, or at #allies2013 if you want to hear from them.  Even if your ideal site is not represented, they’d be happy to share their authentic insights on their experience so far.

Core Week: The adventure begins!

At the start of each year, the Public Allies participate in Core Week.  Not only do Allies learn the “nuts and bolts” of performing the Apprenticeship (How do I fill out my timesheet?  How does Team Service Project work? etc), but it’s also a key opportunity for the Allies to form their learning community.  Many Allies cite their peers as the strongest source of learning during their Apprenticeship, and the beginning of that bond happens at Retreat.  Retreat is usually an overnight stay at a conference center, where Allies practice team-building on high ropes and learn about each other through the Life Mapping activity.  Public Allies Central Florida recently posted a gallery of their Allies presenting their life maps, and even in those brief snapshots, you can get a sense of their personalities.

What’s Next, Brandy Bianchi?


This is Brandy's favorite picture from her Ally year: "Building benches at a local Elementary School for MLK Service Day - the perfect mix of serving the community, and getting my hands dirty."

Brandy Bianchi, Public Allies Central Florida, debuts this new feature called, “What’s Next…?”  This is the first in a series of quick e-mail interviews with graduating 2010 Allies, who share with us…well, what’s next for them after graduation. 

So, Brandy…What’s Next?

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Yahoo for Central Florida!

Lindsay Mays (third from right) with her fellow PA CF'ers.

We can tell you about Public Allies all we want, but it’s especially insightful to get the Ally perspective.  Lindsay Mays, of the inaugural class of Central Florida Allies, volunteered her story over at Yahoo Answers to help someone who Read the rest of this entry »

The Training Space: Central Florida

Public Allies Central Florida Allies break down volunteer management

Public Allies Central Florida has partnered up with the Rollins Center for Philanthropy for their leadership development training. One benefit is that PA CF Allies can earn a Certificate in Volunteer Management.

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