Topical Punch: We Need More Women Leaders…

Political Cartoon, courtesy of Kap/Spain,

Our CEO, Paul Schmitz, writes for the Washington Post Blog, On Leadership.  His latest blog post examines the recent scandal featuring IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn.  He originally wanted to title it, “We Need More Women Leaders”, but WaPo redubbed it, “Why Leaders Personal Lives Matter.”

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We need more women leaders. It is outrageous that we still have tremendous gender disparities in leadership. Even in the nonprofit sector, the sector that should be most inclusive as it works to improve our communities and quality of life, there is a glass ceiling and gaps in leadership and pay at the top.


Video | Why is our boss promising to jump into a lake?

Because it’s year-end fund-raising time, that’s why! Paul Schmitz, our fearless leader, has never done the Polar Bear Plunge thing before, but he’s willing to do it now if we meet our fund-raising goal. In case you haven’t heard about it before, the Polar Bear Plunge is quite the New Year’s Day tradition in certain chilly places around the country, including here in Milwaukee where Public Allies is based.

Check back to see how it turns out!

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