Pluggin’: Public Allies featured on All Nonprofits Considered

On Monday, you can't live without your radio

Heads up:  I’ll be the featured guest on Rosetta Thurman’s internet radio show All Nonprofits Considered on Monday, June 7, 2010, live at 12 pm ET – 1pm ET.  (If you can’t listen live, you can download the podcast.)

We’re big fans of Rosetta here at the blog because for the past three years she’s been fearless in her analysis of the nonprofit sector — namely when it comes to the importance of  diversity in leadership, as well as challenging status quo thinking.

Personally, I’ve been impressed by Rosetta because she’s a textbook example of self-initiative and aligning passion with action.  I remember first reading her blog three years ago, and since then she has become a one-woman-social media force, and an exciting voice speaking on behalf of the “now” generation.  I’m looking forward to talking with her, and I hope you can join us.


Topical Punch: Crowdsourcing Philanthropy

The future of nonprofit funding?

Tuesday mornings, we offer up Topical Punch, a post that examines emerging issues in leadership and nonprofits.  We invite you to share your comments and talkback!

Philanthropy has long been the lifeblood of the nonprofit sector.  However, with the advent of technology, namely the internet, the game has been slowly changing.

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Why it’s a great idea to host an Ally

We recently collected video interviews from Public Allies sites around the country (there are currently 18 of them). Using a Flip video camera, Public Allies staff collected stories about our organization. This video contains a sampling of comments from people who supervise Public Allies at their nonprofit organizations. By watching it, you’ll get an idea of the many different roles Allies fill and the impact they have. We figured it would be a nice post to start your week, because everyone in it is happy (to have an Ally). Enjoy!

You can find details about hosting an Ally on our official website. Most sites are still accepting applications for the 2010-11 year.

Hit the Links! Thanks again, Teddy.


A year ago this week, the Kennedy Serve America act was signed into law.

On the weekends, we corral our favorite links on leadership, nonprofits, pop culture, and their intersections.  This week’s pic gives props to the late Senator Ted Kennedy for his leadership on national service

Two takes on the intergenerational trends discussion at the Emerging Partners in Philanthropy 10 conference.  (Rosetta Thurman, Entry Level Living)

Patrick Corvington, (who we like to call “P-Cor”)  is the new head of the Corporation for National Service, and he lays out his vision in this HuffPo column.  (Huffington Post)

Now the nonprofit sector has it’s own version of the “Razzies”   (Blue Avocado)

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Supervisor Stories: Deb Salls, YMCA of the USA

Meet Deb Salls, who works in Leadership Development at the YMCA of the USA.  We caught up with Deb at a conference a few weeks back and talked with her about what it’s like to partner with Public Allies Chicago, and what the impact of her Ally (Jason McGee)  has been on the Y.

Meet The Allies. Arizona’s Angela Soliz and Carol Lamoreux

Public Allies Arizona Allies Angela Soliz and Carol Lamoreux are placed at VisionQuest 20/20, whose mission is to eliminate preventable blindness in children.  Check out what Angela and Carol have been doing this past Ally Year.

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