Everyone has strengths, capacities and assets…

Bah to your powerpoints! The venerable Jody Kretzmann presents Asset Based Community Development to the Chicago Allies during Core Week 2011.


During Core Week, Allies are oriented to their Apprenticeship.  Most likely, the first thing they are oriented to are the 5 Core Values of Public Allies.  These values define our leadership practice.

One of those Values is Focus on Assets:  that the strengths, capacities and assets of individuals and communities are the primary building blocks of sustainable community development.  During the Apprenticeship year, Allies are encouraged to looking at serving at their placement and in their community through this lens, and for many it’s a huge paradigm change.

The result of this practice:  their nonprofit develops a new way of working with those they serve, local residents are engaged to re-energize and re-purpose public spaces.  Ultimately, it’s inspiring the art of the possible.   To learn more visit the Asset-Based Community Development Institute website.

Last year, Connecticut Allies worked alongside local residents to beautify their neighborhood.





Presentations of Learning: An introduction.


[Above:  Andrew Nimmer talking about his 12 months of growth and learning while in the Public Allies Teaching Fellowship Program at Eagle Rock.]

One of the leadership practices in our training and learning program is the Presentation of Learning (or “POL”) .  Eagle Rock defines this practice as such:

Three times a year, at the end of every trimester, all students at Eagle Rock give Presentations of Learning (POLs). These are not about getting credit in courses; students either have or have not documented learning Read the rest of this entry »

More Core Week! From Delaware…

"They can see us waving from such great heights...come down now..."


From Public Allies Delaware’s Facebook Page

What a great way to cap off Core Training for the Class of 2012!  Yesterday was a warm but almost ideal day to spend swinging from a rope 30 feet in the air in Newark at the UD campus.  The “Adventure Challenge Experience” serves the purpose of developing strong team communication and challenging the individual Ally to achieve new heights (haha).  Dr. Roger Spacht led us through a days-worth of activities and ensured that our harnesses and helmets were fastened securely!


Core Week: The adventure begins!

At the start of each year, the Public Allies participate in Core Week.  Not only do Allies learn the “nuts and bolts” of performing the Apprenticeship (How do I fill out my timesheet?  How does Team Service Project work? etc), but it’s also a key opportunity for the Allies to form their learning community.  Many Allies cite their peers as the strongest source of learning during their Apprenticeship, and the beginning of that bond happens at Retreat.  Retreat is usually an overnight stay at a conference center, where Allies practice team-building on high ropes and learn about each other through the Life Mapping activity.  Public Allies Central Florida recently posted a gallery of their Allies presenting their life maps, and even in those brief snapshots, you can get a sense of their personalities.

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