What’s Next, RJ Mercede?


Who’s next? RJ Mercede, Public Allies Connecticut is next! 

"The Bridgeport TSP Team celebrating the opening of the new Michelle Obama Community Garden at the Bridgeport Community Library. I'm in the center. It was at the end of our very long, yet extremely successful TSP Project -- Bridgeport Beautifies"

This is the fourth in a series of quick e-mail interviews with graduating 2011 Allies, who share with us…well, what’s next for them after graduation. 

So, RJ…What’s Next?   

Program Manager, Public Allies Connecticut.

What part of your Public Allies experience will assist you most in succeeding in this new adventure?

The connections that I’ve made through my placement and Team Service Project, the resources I’ve gained through my trainings, and the support from the staff.

Using just 3 words, What’s one piece of advice you would have for an incoming Ally?

Network and Collaborate

Thanks, RJ!  Good luck, and we’re excited we get to keep working with you!   If you’re a soon-to-be Public Allies alum and would like to be featured here, tell us what’s next!


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