What’s Next, Brandy Bianchi?


This is Brandy's favorite picture from her Ally year: "Building benches at a local Elementary School for MLK Service Day - the perfect mix of serving the community, and getting my hands dirty."

Brandy Bianchi, Public Allies Central Florida, debuts this new feature called, “What’s Next…?”  This is the first in a series of quick e-mail interviews with graduating 2010 Allies, who share with us…well, what’s next for them after graduation. 

So, Brandy…What’s Next?

I am more than excited to share that I have just been offered a position with United Voice in Melbourne, Australia as a Union Organiser! United Voice is a union that acts on the values of fairness, compassion and equity.  They believe in the dignity of workers, their right to fair and just treatment and their right to organise and take action. As a Union Organiser, it will be my job to ensure that those values are upheld in several industries such as childcare, healthcare, and education.  I’ll be communicating the vision of the union to workers, recruiting new members, developing activism and leadership amongst existing members, and organising and conducting industry-wide campaigns.  I can’t wait to get started!

What part of your Public Allies experience will assist you most in succeeding in
this new adventure?

I think that learning that everyone leads will be the greatest lesson that I take forward.  I have learned how to identify the strengths in others and let them “rise to the occasion.”  As a union organiser I will make sure to never do for others what they can do for themselves and prove that everyone really can be a leader.

Using just 3 words, What’s one piece of advice you would have for an
incoming Ally?

Be a sponge.

To keep up with Brandy, you can follow her at her Twitter feed, or her Facebook page.  If you’re a soon-to-be Public Allies alum and would like to be featured here, tell us what’s next!


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