Ally 2010 Stories: PA Silicon Valley

PA Silicon Valley & San Francisco 2010-2011 Allies and Staff

Public Allies Silicon Valley has updated their Facebook Fan page with short Ally stories.  Here’s the latest installment featuring Elizabeth Aigbekaen, who is serving at the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula.

Working with the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula as a College Bound Coordinator, has been such a great learning experience for me. I love the teens that we have, and I enjoy watching them learn and grow. This week we have two exciting events for them to attend that I have been in charge of coordinating for them. There are two college visits this week – San Jose State University and Canada College.

San Jose State University’s visit isn’t the typical college visit. We have 7 students attending their Poetry Night and some of our students may potentially be able to get up on the mic and say some of their own words. This event is being hosted by Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated and it is a family affair for all. There will also be some special speakers there who the kids are interested in seeing as well. They have been asking about it for the past week or so and I feel it is going to be a great success.

Canada Community College is hosting a College Fair. These students have already attended a college fair hosted at the East Palo Alto Clubhouse, but this time they are actually getting to go to another college campus to be able to see a host of colleges and universities that they have expressed interest in attending. They get a chance to meet the outreach coordinators from each of these schools and they are informed about everything from financial aid to , what majors are number at those schools. It will be another eye opener for them. The more exposure brings about more excitement for them.

Helping these high school students to see their own potential and what is out there in the world for them is important to me. It reminds me constantly why I like what I do here.


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