Video | We’re ready to get started!

This is the new video we’re using for our home page at We hope you like it. Here’s the story behind it.

In August, Public Allies held a gathering of everyone in its network. Staff and operating partners from all 21 of our sites visited Milwaukee, Wis. (where we’re headquartered) to meet with board members and others. We had workshops on things like social media, Gen Y, alumni engagement, change management and more. We also did a little socializing, too (though of course it was all very professional, even the karaoke parts).

Anyway, we figured it was also a great opportunity to take some photographs of our staff. A wonderful photgrapher named Kevin Miyazaki donated his time to do this, and he was terrific.

We’ll be using the images to help the great wide world get to know us a little better. The 48 people in this video — actually a slide show — are program managers, site directors, executive directors, recruitment directors and second-year Allies, among others (including your humble Allies2010 bloggers). They are mentors, trainers, community leaders and entrepreneurs. They are among the hardest workers and the most committed people I’ve ever worked with, and I think we need to brag on them a lot more than we do.

Anyway, this video helps us get our “new year” started. Beginning in late August and continuing into October (depending on the site), our 10-month “Ally Year” begins with the arrival of the Allies who will work as apprentices in local non-profits and undergo a demanding schedule of training and team service projects for their communities.

Want to know who the people in this slide show are? Here’s a list corersponding to their appearance in the slide show, in groups of six and with their site noted in parentheses. Alas, we didn’t get a photograph of everyone, but this is a pretty representative slice of the Public Allies network.

Group 1: Myisha Brown (Ariz.); Jenise Terrell (National Office); Steve Sullivan (Chicago); Nelly Nieblas (National); Alison Peebles (Pittsburgh); Dexter Bland (Del.)
Group 2: Laura Bumiller (Md.); Diane Bacha (National); Pawan Bhardwaj (Chicago); Christina Dang (Silicon Valley); Reymundo Armendariz (Silicon Valley); Ebony Scott (Chicago).
Group 3: Un Jin Krantz (Cincinnati); Jennifer Brown (Central Fla.); MacArthur Antigua (National); Raquel Davila (Pittsburgh); Marilyn DeArmas (Miami); Merilou Gonzales (National)
Group 4: Roger Hesketh (Del.); Nekeisha Neal (Washington, D.C.); Michael Allen (National); Elysse Wageman (Milwaukee); RoseMary Oliveira (National); Alexandra Ponce Murillo (Silicon Valley)
Group 5: Gerri Odum (North Carolina); Casey Bridgeford (Indianapolis); Eric Maynard (National);  Khalia Brown Sanders (Cincinnati); Danise Sugita (San Francisco); Antonio Cardona (Twin Cities)
Group 6: Max Chang (New York City); Edward Gonzalez-Novoa (New York City); John Viet (Silicon Valley); Asha Loring (Miami); Megan Johnson (Indianapolis); Margrette Castro (National)
Group 7: Ava Hernandez (Milwaukee); Elizabeth Hammond (Conn.); Tyler Driscoll (Conn.); Karla Radka (Central Fla.); Kate Flynn (Milwaukee); Don Chojnacki (Milwaukee)
Group 8: Justin Knight (Washington, D.C.); Nicole M. Thomas (Milwaukee); Malkia Lydia (Washington, D.C.); Tynisha Worthy (Cincinnati); Megan Coombes (National); Antony “T.J.” Hughes (N.C.) 

We’re ready for our new year! We hope you keep reading Allies2010 to watch our progress.

:: See more of Kevin Miyazaki’s work at his website.


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