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As the recruitment season winds down, we want to keep sharing with you resources and cool links that are relevant to your own leadership development.  Here’s another installment of Links We Like.

I had the opportunity to connect with Chris Golden, a talented emerging leader who has helped develop, an online platform that allows volunteers to record, track and share their service experiences.   It launched last month, and is currently in beta — so the feature set is pretty bare-bones.  (Although, participants can update their service experiences via twitter, which is quite nifty.)  However, in the works are

Chris Golden,

journals, picture sharing and other cool ways to strengthen networks by service activity or by geography.

From my perspective, there are some exciting possibilities.  For example, in the past year over 1,000 individuals signed up for our interest list by the turn of the calendar year, almost six months before the Application deadlines.  I would love to re-direct that interest list to use to track their own service, and in turn have push their service data into their Ally applications.  That way, our local staff could have a longer window to learn about our candidates, and perhaps offer feedback on how they can strengthen their candidacies. is very similar to our own Ally reporting/tracking system, so it also introduces the practice of documentation, and gives the prospective Ally a sneak preview of that process.    I’m also excited about the prospect of engaging our prospective applicants in “challenges” (e.g. “Let’s have all our Public Allies candidates do 10,000 hours of service in February on community beautification!”).

This tool has lots of promise, and I look forward to learning how to integrate it with our recruitment work here at Public Allies.


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  1. Eric Maynard Says:

    Talking with Chris, I liked how he brought an emphasis to measuring our impact. It can be really difficult to attach quantitative data to qualitative action, but I think there is some value in the effort. I look forward to seeing how the tool evolves!

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