Opening | Eagle Rock Teaching Fellowship

We haven’t talked much about the Public Allies Fellowship at Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center here on the blog. That’s mainly because they did the bulk of their selection before this blog was even born.

The Eagle Rock Fellowship is different from the Ally Apprenticeship experience, as it’s geared towards those who are interested in youth development, education and reform.  It’s also among our most competitive offerings, as they usually average 12 applications to 1 opening.  Why am I bothering to tell you this?

They are looking for a Curriculum Fellow to start in late August.

This is pretty rare, as I said earlier, they usually lock this Fellowship in by March.  However, life happens, and they’ve got an opening.  If you want to apply, go to to get the details.

Here’s a little more on the experience:

The Public Allies fellowship program at Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center supports new ways of leading that are right for the times and right for a unique student population. The Fellowship Program provides twelve individuals with an advanced yearlong service and leadership development program focused on education and youth development at the nationally recognized Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center located in Estes Park, Colorado.

Founded in 1993, Eagle Rock is a tuition-free residential high school that serves diverse young people (ages 15-21) from across the country who have not succeeded in conventional schools. Drawing on the beautiful mountain setting and an innovative curriculum focused on how people learn rather than how teachers teach, Eagle Rock School emphasizes active learning, community service, environmentalism, outdoor education, and traditional academic subjects. The Eagle Rock learning process, as shared through their Professional Development Center, has influenced educators across the country and inspired the Public Allies continuous learning process.

Through this unique service and training opportunity, Public Allies Eagle Rock Fellows will gain skills that will make them effective teachers, leadership trainers, and youth workers.

To get more of a flavor of Eagle Rock, check out this great 8 minute video that gives you a tour.


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