Inspired by Presentations of Learning: Public Allies Miami

This is Presentation of Learning season at Public Allies — at year’s end, all of the Allies have the opportunity to individually present on what he/she has learned about him/herself from this experience in front of a panel and the Public Allies community-at-large.

It can be a powerful experience to witness the learning and insights of our Allies — in fact, it moved one person to write a poem.  Ericka Zdenek, program consultant for Volunteer Florida, wrote the poem below after attending the Public Allies Miami Presentations of Learning session last week.

Change makers for the public interest

Who have the service attitude.

Reinventing the possibilities for


Fathers…residents…non-profits…pink on the rock.

Realizing the dream that every

Story has a journey and a transformation.

Miami is the environment where

Dreams are inspired.

Allies built confidence and potential creating a

Superman complex to become healers

Through connections.

Oh the lessons they learned!

On their personal YouTube channel,

They highlighted lessons on…

-Relationships First.

-Attitude is Everything.

-Be the Leader.

-Richness of Diversity

-Uncovering your true self.

-Anything is possible.

All these lessons grew…courage, dignity,

Beauty, inspiration, empowerment,

Creativity, civic energy, love.

What an amazing mosaic…

of service

of life

of passion.

Appreciating You!


One Response to “Inspired by Presentations of Learning: Public Allies Miami”

  1. bachablog Says:

    Thanks for posting this, Mac, and thanks for the wonderful words, Ericka!

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