On the Verge: Rebecca Rubi, New York

Is Rebeca Excited or Exhausted? You decide!

During the short history of this blog, we’ve featured Allies, Staff and Alumni.  However, this Friday, we’re debuting a new segment called On The Verge, featuring applicants who are on the verge of becoming Allies for 2010.  Our first profile is Rebeca Rubi, who I first met when she participated on a Virtual Intro Session waaaay back in November 2009.  I interviewed Rebecca via e-mail to learn about where she’s at with the process in applying to Public Allies New York.  Rebeca’s responses are in BOLD below.

How did you first hear about Public Allies?

I heard about Public Allies from my friend Alexandra McAnarney who is currently a Public Ally in Miami.
What convinced you to apply for Public Allies?

I realized that Public Allies would be a great fit for me because have always wanted to make a difference in my life and help people in need, but I wasn’t sure how to create a career out of that wish. Public Allies seems like the perfect place to start creating such career.

What surprised you about the Public Allies Application Process, compared to other jobs/experiences you have applied for?

The application process has been somewhat prolonged, and it seems like there have been so many hurdles to overcome. First, the application; then the group interview; then the individual interview; then attending the matching fair. Next, interviewing with five different organizations. Finally, finding a match. However, I am still not officially a Public Ally until June 15th when they will find out their funding for next year. So, I think it has been a very long process. I appreciate that I have received e-mails or calls from Public Allies on the deadline or even earlier.

How would you describe going through Matching Fair?

The matching fair was a little overwhelming, but also more personal than I expected. The room was rather small and so it felt very personal. There were about 20 or so organizations, and after a brief introduction by each organization, everyone began approaching the organizations. It was loud and everyone was just lost in the room, so it was difficult to talk to the individual organizations. However, at the end of the day, I was able to secure a few interviews so it went well.

How would you describe working with the staff?

The staff at Public Allies has been very nice and very helpful. They offered directions for me to find the organizations I was interviewing with (since I am not from NY). They were also very friendly and welcoming. As I mentioned earlier, I liked that they always called or e-mailed when they said they would; that was very respectful and considerate.

What do you know now about yourself that you didn’t know prior to applying to Public Allies?

I think I have realized that I more patient than I thought. I have made it this far, and just hoping for the best as far as the funding. I have gained more confidence from this process because of all the hurdles I have already overcome. Finally, I realized that I want this more now then when I applied. When I actually got to speak to the staff and current Allies I realized how much I really want to be a part of Public Allies.

Thanks, Rebeca!  Are you ON THE VERGE of getting into Allies2010?  We’d love to feature you in an upcoming segment!


9 Responses to “On the Verge: Rebecca Rubi, New York”

  1. Rachel Johnson Says:

    I’ve been inspired and started a blog of my own surrounding my “Journey to Becoming a Public Ally”, so please check it out as I am on the VERGE too, I’m so excited, the group interview was excellent and it’s done, so I’m moving on to the matching fair by FAITH!!

  2. paige Says:

    I just completed my “virtual interview session” for the San Francisco/Silicon Valley sites and it was the most amazing “career” experience thus far! And it was just the interview–getting me excited for an opportunity to work with such an exhilarating program!!

    • macarthura Says:

      Wow! Great to hear that you had a positive experience, Paige! SF/SV is one of the few sites that is utilizing a “virtual interview session” using webcams and the virtual meeting platform. Good luck!

  3. Tascheena Says:

    Hello! This is really inspiring and exciting! I applied to the AZ site and will know next week if I am a finalist. I would love do an ON THE VERGE segment! This is truly an exciting time in my life that I would love to share.

  4. Lucy Says:

    Hi –

    Sorry, I was just going through the blog and had another question. So if I’m applying for a site that I don’t reside in, for the initial interview, am I required to physically attend the group interview or will a virtual interview (phone, skype, etc) be setup instead?

    Is it the Matching Fair/interview with partner organizations that’s highly recommended that we interview with in person?

    • macarthura Says:

      Hey Lucy! Thanks again for your question —

      Some sites (like Silicon Valley) will conduct interviews via conference call or skype. However, when it comes to the actual matching with Partner Organizations, we’d highly recommend that you’re actually meeting with the organizations. It’s a two-way interview — we want to make sure that not only are they confident about working with you, but that you’re also confident about working with the organization. And alot of that confidence can be gained by being there in person.

      Hope that helps! Thanks again for your interest!

  5. Jeri Says:

    Hi –

    Sooo I’m a little freaked out. I’m applying for PA NY and got moved on to the group interview process. I guess I’m wondering the same thing as Lucy above me because I was a little confused about whether some sites or all sites would be offering phone/skype interviews in lieu of the group interview for out-of-town’ers who would have some difficulty flying to NYC.

    I am however definitely planning on making the Matching Fair interview if i get that far, but for the group interview, I’m nervous about whether I can continue on if I can’t find a way to get to NYC within the next week. Any advice would be appreciated. 🙂

    • macarthura Says:


      Congrats on getting to the interview stage! PA NY is one of our most competitive sites.

      I’d check in with PA NY in terms of their alternate processes. Many Allies were once applicants from other cities/states, so it can definitely be done. I also invite you not to stress out, and work on this with the PA NY staff and see what arrangements can be made. They moved you on to the next stage because they really want to learn more about you. Good luck!

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