Catching up with…Patrick Carroll, Delaware

Patrick Carroll, PA Delaware Staff Alumnus

Each week we catch up with an Ally or Staff Alum to see what life is like on “the other side” of the Apprenticeship.  This week, we catch up with Patrick Carroll, Staff Alumnus from Public Allies Delaware.  He’s currently the Executive Director of the Delaware Humane Association.  We recently caught up with him on Facebook chat.

MacArthur:  When and where were you with Public Allies, and in what capacity did you serve?
Patrick:  Executive Director for Public Allies Delaware from August 1999 to December 2005.
MacArthur:  When you close your eyes and think of that time, what image (or images) come up in your mind’s eye?
Patrick:  Young people (Allies), learning, growing, making a difference in lives…young people and those they served at their Partner Organizations.
MacArthur:  What projects (personally/professionally) are you excited about now, and how does Public Allies influence how you approach those projects (if at all)?
Patrick: Hmmmmm…..building relationships with our donors and volunteers here at Delaware Humane Association…Public Allies helped me to always be open, listen, learn from others.  Appreciate diversity and a diversity of thought.

MacArthur: Ok — “Two Word” answer time! Fill in the blank. Wilmington, DE is…
Patrick: …in the middle of it all….LOL
MacArthur:  That’s two words? lol
Patrick:  That’s our city’s slogan now
MacArthur: Ahh…
Patrick: OK…I’ll try again…growing and changing
MacArthur:  Great!  Life after Public Allies is…
Patrick: “real life” . I feel like I work at a real world nonprofit….not that PA is not…but all that we were wo

PA Staff from across the country hang out at Patrick’s house after hours, Summer ’01.

rking to change, improve upon, etc….all happens here.

MacArthur:  Your final Two-Worder: Advice to an incoming Ally (besides “good luck”)
Patrick:  “embrace it.”

MacArthur:  Thanks so much for your time Patrick!  This was great to reconnect.
Patrick:  Keep up the great work!


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