Videos | Why does the new Super-Hero look so familiar?

The latest two videos in our series “Adventures of Public Allies Super-Heroes” introduce us to the final Hero on the team: MacAsset. Observant readers of this blog might recognize him as my co-blogger here at Allies2010, MacArthur Antigua. Mac’s the director of Recruitment and Expansion, so lots of folks who apply to Public Allies know his name. As a Super-Hero, however, he represents the Public Allies Super-Power of Asset-Based Solutions. Mac is one of my colleagues at the Public Allies National Office, but we work in two different cities (he’s in Minneapolis-St. Paul, I’m in Milwaukee; we compare notes about snowfall records). That’s why you’re seeing him via web chat.

By the way, Mac is out of town right now, attending the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in New York City. He’s working hard to get the word out about Public Allies. You can expect to read about the conference in future blog posts.


On Graduation, 13 years later.

Public Allies Chicago '97. That's me in the backline, between Rick Manabat and Jaime de Leon

We’ve reached the “graduation season” of the program year.  As my co-workers in the national office shared stories of attending Presentations of Learning, and our Operation: Congratulations effort has invited me to be reflective on my own graduation from Public Allies 13 years ago.  I rustled up a few photos from my shoebox, and tried to piece together memories like Guy Pearce from Memento.

I don’t remember much from that day.  I vaguely remember doing Team Service Read the rest of this entry »

We’re turning our Facebook Wall into a big greeting card!


Starting tomorrow, we have a really cool way to honor everyone who’s graduating in the Public Allies Class of 2010.

Each unique congratulations post made on our Facebook Wall between tomorrow and June 30 will be met with a $5 donation to a Public Allies fund-raising campaign on So you can share your good wishes with, say, the Allies who graduate in Miami next week, or the class graduating in North Carolina next month, and $5 will be donated in their name — without you having to spend a penny.

Pretty nice, huh?

It’s all thanks to a generous matching donor who’s helping out with the campaign. But to me, the best thing about this idea is that it gives us a chance to all get together in one virtual “place” to share a little love and honor a truly admirable accomplishment — finishing 10 months of a Public Ally apprenticeship program.

FYI here are the graduation dates:

  • June 15: Cincinnati
  • June 24: Chicago, Delaware
  • June 25: Milwaukee
  • June 30: Arizona, Connecticut, Miami, New Mexico, New York, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, Silicon Valley
  • July 2: North Carolina
  • July 9: Los Angeles
  • July 30: Maryland
  • August 1: Indianapolis
  • August 7: Eagle Rock

So if you know anyone graduating from one of those sites, think about visiting and giving him or her a shout-out. Further details can found at this Facebook Events page.


Inspired by Presentations of Learning: Public Allies Miami

This is Presentation of Learning season at Public Allies — at year’s end, all of the Allies have the opportunity to individually present on what he/she has learned about him/herself from this experience in front of a panel and the Public Allies community-at-large.

It can be a powerful experience to witness the learning and insights of Read the rest of this entry »

Videos | The super-hero series continues

Here you go: Two more installments in our June video series, “The Adventures of Public Allies Super-Heroes.” In Episode 5, you get a 78-second recap of our story so far. Just three more epsiodes to go.

See the first installment of video postings here and the second one here.

(In case you’re wondering, here’s a list of people making appearances as over-actors. In Episode 4: Merilou Gonzales, Melinda Rodriguez, Michelle Dobbs, Tom Hosch, Tim Dropik, Cris Ros-Dukler. In Episode 5: All of the above plus Michael Allen, Amelia Pena, David Todd, Diane Bacha, David McKinney and Paul Schmitz.)

ON THE VERGE: Rachel Johnson, New York (and a Rebeca Rubi Update)

During the short history of this blog, we’ve featured Allies, Staff and Alumni.  However, this Friday, we’ve got another installment of On The Verge, featuring applicants who are on the verge of becoming Allies for 2010.  Our next profile is Rachel Johnson, who we met through a comment that she posted on the debut segment of OTV. We interviewed Rachel via e-mail to learn about where she’s at with the process in applying to Public Allies New York.  Rachel’s responses are in BOLD.

How did you first hear about Public Allies?

I first heard about Public Allies while doing a random search on a website called, which has a host of information on nonprofit organizations as well as internships and jobs.

What convinced you to apply for Public Allies?

I saw a great opportunity to get involved with an organization that is training diverse young leaders for the future of the nonprofit sector and I believe I will meet some unique individuals that will help me become a better leader. The entire program really lines up with what I would look for in an apprenticeship (teamwork) and overall the program genuinely excites me to want to become a Public Ally.

What surprised you about the Public Allies Application Process, compared to other jobs/experiences you have applied for?

Read the rest of this entry »

Video | The latest Super-Adventures!

Last week I updated you about a wacky series of videos the Public Allies National Office is putting together in support of a campaign this month. Here are the two latest.

One of our goals with these videos is to communicate what we’re all about. If you’re not familiar with trends in leadership education, national service and those sorts of things, it can start sounding a little wonky. So the idea of super-heroes came to our rescue, so to speak.

We created characters that correspond with Public Allies’ five core values. Our CEO Paul Schmitz is doing continuous learning proud as The Professor, dapper in his cape and bow tie — that’s him featured in the first video here.  The value collaboration is represented with swashbuckling finesse by Captain Collaboration — also known as David R. Todd, sponsorship director for Milwaukee and Chicago. David McKinney, our VP of Programs, is wowing ’em as Integrity Man, representing of course the value of integrity. And diversity/inclusion are co-represented by Alumni Relations Director Merilou Gonzales and Executive Assistant Melinda Rodriguez.

And since every Super-Hero needs a good Evil Villain, we recruited  Program Consultant Michael Allen to be Dr. Apathy.

Asset-focused principles will be represented by my fellow Allies2010 blogger MacArthur Antigua. We haven’t settled on a Super-Hero name for him yet. MacAsset? Leave a comment if you have a better idea and if we pick yours there will be a super-prize in it for ya!

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