Catching Up With…Tafarai Bayne, Los Angeles

Each week we catch up with an Ally or Staff Alum to see what life is like on “the other side” of the Apprenticeship.  This week, we catch up with Tafarai Bayne, PA Los Angeles Ally AND Staff Alumnus.  We recently caught up with him on facebook chat.

MacArthur:  Where were you an Ally or Staffer, and how long were you there?

Tafarai:  I was an Ally (at Public Allies Los Angeles) at Strategic Actions for a Just Economy.  I was on staff (at Public Allies Los Angeles) for about 4 years, and I currently sit on the board of directors.

MacArthur: Think back to when you were staff, what Ally had the biggest impact on you, and why?

Tafarai: I think personally it was a young man named Michael Agyin. He was the first LA Ally at least who was hearing impaired. We had to make alot of adjustments as a program and I had to really push myself.  It was already a learning process for me to just coach, but to coach a deaf ally was a whole ‘nother thing.  I had to constantly be on my toes. There were times where we conducted whole sessions with a pen and paper and didn’t speak a word…

MacArthur:   Wow.

Tafarai:   It really was a trip because I became so aware of language and communication and it’s impact on a person and a community —  how comfortable we get and how we always have to be open to the challenge of clarity.

MacArthur:  Mini-Presentation Of Learning time, theme is “Life After PA” — “I used to be BLANK, but now I am
BLANK.”  Fill in the blanks…

Tafarai:  I used to be scared of commitment…now I am aware it is really all there is.

MacArthur:  Ok, “Two word” answer time. How do you spend your weekends?

Tafarai:  “working and playing”

MacArthur:   Los Angeles is…

Tafarai:  Los Angeles is a “global village” with “global challenges.”

MacArthur: Alright — last “two word” — advice for an incoming Ally (besides “good luck”)

Tafarai:  Remember, Breathe!

MacArthur:  Last thing: Plug away man — where can we see you next?

Tafarai:  Well I’m trying to push the walls of communication and media through my projects Street Inc., and Change the Game .  So you can definitely catch me and my folks at our next Street Inc or CTG event, or you will hopefully catch me during our next marketing push where we help great media and art find the right minds and hearts.

MacArthur:  Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me, man.

Tafarai:  It is and no problem.  I hope you’re well out there.


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