Hit the Links!

On the weekends, we round up some links on leadership, nonprofits, pop culture, and the intersections in between.

This week’s featured link:  PA Los Angeles’ Ashley Smith knows the Team Service Project (TSP) experience, as she’s done it twice — as a first-year Ally, and now as a TSP Coach as a second-year Ally.  Check out her latest blog update, where she reflects on the TSP Coaching experience.  (True Life)

After the jump, s’more links…

Leadership is not about the position, sez the muckity mucks over at Hahh-vahd Biz.  (Harvard Biz Journal, h/t Rosetta Thurman)

Alison Jones shares her final thoughts on the recent Emerging Partners in Philanthropy confererence, particularly around what Young Leaders ned to know about social change.  (Entry Level Living)

Nonprofit innovator and sacred cow-tipper, Robert Egger shares his Top 10 learnings from speaking with Young Nonprofit Professional  Network in Denver (Piece of Mind)

Kari Saratovsky wonders “Is the Five Dollar Donor a Philanthropist?”  (Social Citizens)


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