Staff Q&A | Meet the people who read your applications

Kurt Dyer of Public Allies New York

Kurt Dyer

Who he is: Program & Operations Manager at Public Allies New York, and a Milwaukee Ally 1999-2000.

Originally from: Born in Portland, Maine, grew up in LaCrosse, Wis., and moved to Milwaukee, Wis., right after high school.

Before joining the Public Allies staff: “I was running the youth program that I built when I as an Ally. I worked for Project Q – the LGBTQ Youth Drop-In Center at the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center – for nine years.  After that I worked as an Associate Director at the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin in the Prevention Department. I left that position to come to Public Allies New York.”

What’s it like at your workplace right now? “Just like all of the other sites, we are gearing up for end-of-year events such as Team Service Project Wrap-Up, Presentations of Learning, and graduation. In addition, we have begun our recruitment process so we’ve started interviewing hundreds of candidates for next year’s class and recruiting new and returning Partner Organizations. We are excited for some brand new programs next year including a Second Year Ally/Program Manager Training Program and some new specialized cohorts of Allies.”

Most common question you’re hearing right now: “ ‘Do you know of any jobs, and how do I secure employment after graduation?’ ”

Kurt's cube: A list that's not working too well, and a flyer promoting a Public Allies service event.

On your desk: “I have two things posted that are important to me. The first is a list of doctors and dentists that I have gathered by asking my friends for referrals — I really need to schedule an appointment to see a dentist. That list reminds me every day, but apparently isn’t doing a very good job. The second is a flyer for one of our four Team Service Projects. My colleague’s group is organizing an environmental justice conference for high school students with one of our partner organizations.”

Complete the following sentence:  If you become an Ally, be ready to … WORK! Just like the beloved RuPaul would say.”


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