Hit the Links! Thanks again, Teddy.


A year ago this week, the Kennedy Serve America act was signed into law.

On the weekends, we corral our favorite links on leadership, nonprofits, pop culture, and their intersections.  This week’s pic gives props to the late Senator Ted Kennedy for his leadership on national service

Two takes on the intergenerational trends discussion at the Emerging Partners in Philanthropy 10 conference.  (Rosetta Thurman, Entry Level Living)

Patrick Corvington, (who we like to call “P-Cor”)  is the new head of the Corporation for National Service, and he lays out his vision in this HuffPo column.  (Huffington Post)

Now the nonprofit sector has it’s own version of the “Razzies”   (Blue Avocado)

For those of you transitioning to a new job (hopefully becoming an Ally), here are 12 tips on how to set your successor up for success.  (the good life)

Britt Bravo says ’tis the season for planting seeds for your big vision.   (have fun do good)

Key to building a great neighborhood?  GOOD magazine sez, “Be a Good Regular”  Insert Cheers/”NORM!” reference here.   (GOOD Magazine)


One Response to “Hit the Links! Thanks again, Teddy.”

  1. Britt Bravo Says:

    Thanks for the link love!

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