Meet the Staff: Casey Bridgeford, Indianapolis

Staff Q&A  |  Meet the people who read your applications

Casey, during his media marketing days.

Who: Casey Bridgeford, Program Manager, Public Allies Indianapolis

Originally from: Naptown a.k.a. Indianapolis

Before Public Allies: “As a high school graduate, I entered the entertainment business with a dream of making it big as a hip hop artist. I kinda made it; but not really. Even though I made it on MTV, won a national music award, and secured an international film placement, I never made enough to quit my day job. My day job just so happened to be in the nonprofit sector. I was blessed to have the opportunity to work with some great organizations such as NCAA, Young Men Inc., and the Boys and Girls Club.”

Show us something on your desk and tell us why it’s meaningful to you: “I have a caricature that a local high school student drew of me while I was giving a Public Allies presentation to his classroom. This means a lot to me because he said it was his first sketch ever!”

Why did you choose Public Allies? “Three years ago I made a market a switch in my primary interest, from music to business. I started a media buying firm and trekked out on my own as an entrepreneur. This was very rewarding and challenging. The highest points including selling media to the biggest IT firm in my state and contracting for the 2008 Obama Campaign. The low points included multiple failed attempts grow during the recession.

“One thing I noticed was that I often took on projects that had some community service tie-in. Though these were great opportunities to benefit the community, they didn’t help me sustain a profitable business. This led me to look for an opportunity to do work that benefits community while making a living. Public Allies has been more than a perfect fit for turning my passion into a viable career path!”

Most common question you’re hearing right now: “ ‘Did you get my application?’ That is a great question to hear, because we are working hard to meet our goal of 180 applicants this year.”

How your team has strengthened its community: “Some of the Allies in Indianapolis have teamed up with a neighborhood association to create pocket parks for a troubled neighborhood. This is great because they are leveraging the relationship with the association to benefit the residents of that community.”

“Public Allies Indianapolis is a very progressive workplace. Being located inside of the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center allows us to interact with some of the smallest and biggest nonprofit organizations in the city on a daily basis. INRC is one of the city’s biggest proponents of Asset Based Community Development. The organization is not only taking the message to the streets, but also training community and neighborhood leaders on how to work with the assets in their own community.”

Casey spittin' on the weekend.

How can we hear a sample of your music? You can check out some of my music at or www.reverbnation. com/illholiday


3 Responses to “Meet the Staff: Casey Bridgeford, Indianapolis”

  1. Guest blogger | Funny, but sad, but in the end — inspiring « Allies2010 Says:

    […] is Casey Bridgeford, and if you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll remember that we introduced him to you back in April in one of our staff Q&As. Casey is a program manager at Public Allies […]

  2. Reginald Says:

    What I would like to know is how does ally look at felonies I made a bad choice and got invovled in a robbery 7 years ago since then I have tring to give back to my communtiy, by talking talking with young at risk children whenever I get a change. I believe that I have a powerful story to tell one that my help hundreds of children not to go down that path that i choose. what do you think?

    • macarthura Says:


      Thanks for your comment! To answer your question: As mandated by AmeriCorps, we do conduct criminal background checks (per which includes a check of the National Sex Offender Public Registry, a statewide criminal history check, and may include the Federal Bureau of Investigations standard check). However, having a felony on your record does not automatically disqualify you from serving as a Public Ally (unless there is a conviction for murder or a conviction that places you on the sexual offender registry). Some of our service placements have criminal history check criteria that exceed our standards. In the case that something does appear on a criminal background check, we’ll discuss that with you and your potential placement.

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