Ally Voices: PA Los Angeles’ Ashley Smith

If you want to read a terrific blog about the Public Allies experience, let me direct you PA Los Angeles’ Ashley Smith’s True Life: I’m a Second Year Ally. Want to see continuous learning in action?  Read her reflections on what it’s like to be in the program for a second year.  She doesn’t pull any punches as here’s an excerpt from a recent post, “I Wish I Knew.”

With that being said, let’s evaluate how much I actually got out of the program. I have heard many past and current allies say, “MAN I wish I knew the program was about this before!” or “MAN why didn’t they tell me about that!” and the ever-popular phrase, “MAN this was not easy.” To sum it up, the program transforms you, whether you want it to or not. Perspectives and beliefs are challenged, boundaries are pushed, and essentiall you step out of the program wondering.. did that really just happen?

She’s got slideshows, interviews with current Allies, as well as other affirmations and reflections.  If you want to understand the Los Angeles experience, do check her out.


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