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10 Months…

Just put together our congratulations video for over 500 Allies that are completing their Apprenticeship. For those who are curious about what happens during a term, these 45 seconds do a pretty good job of capturing it.  Congrats again to our Class of 2012, our newest batch of Alumni!

Tweet #allies2013!

I've assembled the finest group of current Allies to answer your questions....

For those of you who want to get real-time responses to questions about  the Ally experience, we’ve been asking you to tweet to #allies2013.   Now, we’ve got more eyes paying attention to that feed besides our Director of National Recruitment, we’ve added a roster of Allies who will also respond to that hashtag:

PA Connecticut
Isabelle M. Delgado*

PA Maryland
PA Central Florida
PA Chicago

Ceci Benitez @Soccergirl1023
Michael Matsey* @shadow_sphere
Kaleena Marquez*

Feel free to tweet them individually, or at #allies2013 if you want to hear from them.  Even if your ideal site is not represented, they’d be happy to share their authentic insights on their experience so far.

Stories from our Everyone Leads book tour – Miami

Public Allies Miami alumna, Lori Deus, shared her Ally story at our Everyone Leads book signing in Miami, FL.  She grew up in rural Appalachia, but was doing her service in the Afro-Carribbean West Grove neighborhood in Miami.  She reflects on how she learned about community building during that year — on her Team Service Project team, as well as the West Grove neighborhood.



March Madness?

Breathe. Bend your Knees. Follow through.

As a huge sports fan, one of my favorite spring rituals is the NCAA basketball tournament, a.k.a. “March Madness.”  (Especially this year, as my beloved alma mater attempts to crack the field of 68 for the very first time in school history.)  However, for our Ally Applicants, I want to total opposite.  (“March Serenity?”  Eh.  Not catchy enough.)

To help out with that, I invite you to ask me any questions you may have about the Ally application process in the comments, or post a tweet with #allies2013.

And if you haven’t checked it out yet, our Ally Snapshots blog is full of reflections by current Allies on their mid-year retreat experiences.  Allies use mid-year as a great opportunity to “reflect and refuel” for the second half of the year.  Perhaps reading their reflections will provide you insight on the “madness” to come.  (And by that, I mean “madness” in a good way.)

Stream of Consciousness

Stream of Consciousness

Volunteering on this public art piece inspired Nikki to pursue Public Allies

Over at the Public Allies Silicon Valley/San Francisco Facebook Fan Page, Ally Nikki Lau reflects on how she came to Public Allies, and what she’s learned so far.  Among these learnings:

I have been most fortunate, that I get to share my passion, knowledge, and encouragement with my youth because they have given me that and so much more.  I genuinely hope that my presence is a positive influence on their lives, as they have been on mine.

As our Allies hit the “mid-year” point of their term, it’s an opportunity for great reflection on this leadership journey.  We hope that it’ll provide insight for you on the type of  journey you’ll be taking, should you become an Ally this fall.  Stay tuned, and we’ll keep linking more reflections from our current class of Allies.

If you’ve got a hankering for more stories, we’ve also set up another blog —  Ally Snapshots,  where we’re following the journeys of 13 Allies from across our network.

CT Ally Derek Santiago’s Mid-Year Presentation of Learning

Connecticut Ally Derek Santiago decides to go the “infomercial” route to describe what he’s learned so far in his term.  In short, ditch P90X.  The “PACT” System is where it’s at.

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